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Cardax DEX allows liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is accessible to all.



Cardax is a decentralized exchange that will be powered by the Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM) protocol. It aims to provide liquidity to projects that issue native tokens on Cardano. Following the activation of the Mary hard fork on Cardano’s main net, which brought native tokens and multi-asset support to Cardano, there is an increased need to develop a native exchange. Additionally, with the upcoming rollout of the Goguen era, smart contracts will enable the development of decentralized applications on Cardano.

These are huge leaps forward that will open up exciting use cases of Cardano at the enterprise level.  Having a native Cardano exchange will address some trading challenges and gaps within the ecosystem.  Some features and capabilities that Cardax will bring to the Cardano network include:

  • Support for any Cardano native token
  • Ability to join liquidity pools to collect fees on ADA- Cardano native tokens pairs
  • Liquidity-sensitive automated pricing using EAMM protocol
  • Ability to trade ADA for any Cardano Native Token
  • Ability to trade between Cardano Native Tokens through a single transaction
  • Ability to trade and transfer to a different address in a single transaction
  • Easy purchase of ADA or any Cardano Native Token from Yoroi wallet
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