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A Cardano focused multi-chain decentralized presale platform, an IDO platform, an incubator and accelerator.



Mission- to facilitate presales on Cardano in a trustless permissionless manner.

Vision- To be able to foster innovation in the Cardano Sphere and to facilitate great teams and ideas with the tools to launch seamlessly. Cardence is a decentralized presale platform and an IDO launchpad for new project on Cardano blockchain. By Decentralized presale platform, we mean that anybody with a Native Cardano token will be able to create a presale of their token on Cardence in a permissionless manner. The platform allows for:

  1. Creation of vesting schedule for release of tokens to presale buyers.
  2. Whitelisting of wallet addresses for participation in whitelisted presales.
  3. Affiliate marketing of presales through creation of referral links which can earn a commission to the referrers.
  4. Auto locking of liquidity on DEX before release of funds to presale creators Smart Mint will allow creation of fully customizable Cardano native tokens without writing any code.

Smart Lock allows for creation of time locked token valuts for locking Cardano native tokens and liquidity tokens. It will also allow locking of tokens according to a vesting schedule. Cardence is also an incubator and launchpad for carefully vetted Cardano projects. We incubate idea stage promising Cardano projects and make them ready to launch.

Our areas of interest include utility projects, NFT and gaming projects, Decentralized storage and DeFi projects. Cardence offers guaranteed participation instead of tier structure, anyone staking minimum 4000 crdn will have guaranteed allocation. We are working to create an ecosystem within Cardano Sphere where it is easy for innovative projects to launch and connect with the community. We aim to move to complete DAO structure where community will govern the day to day activity.

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