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A Cardano light wallet for the Cardano community.



ccwallet.io is a fully functional Cardano light wallet for the browser. It will be the basis for all additional features, that the Cardano community wants for a modern web wallet.

By implementing features requested by the community, we will strive to be the innovative light wallet for power users and newcomers alike. Build by community members for the whole Cardano community. We've already implemented many features that are missing in today's wallets: NFT display, better token processing, address book etc.

Our future plan

Apart from community requests, we would like to add:
+ multi-delegation (stake pool portfolios)
+ Catalyst registration
+ DApps integration (already talking to projects)
+ advanced power user features: custom transaction builder
+ Smart Contract support
+ Yubikey support for wallet locking and/or spending passwords
+ localizations: English (implemented), German, Swedish, etc.
+ Chrome browser extension version
+ CSV exports for Cointracking, especially with internal accounts (intra wallet)

We are determined to provide the best Cardano wallet experience and will implement new features rapidly. Success would be the adoption of ccwallet.io as one of the main Cardano wallets alongside Daedalus and Yoroi within the next 12 months.

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