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Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe! Tokenizing tickets with NFT & Smart contract technology.



The Music event industry has long been influenced by old technology when it comes to booking & ticketing systems, allowing scalpers & fraudsters to infect the market. Blockchain technology is 100% traceable and impossible to fake but scalability & high gas fees has been an obstacle to handle massive volumes required by large industries like the live event industry. Cardano network with it’s PoS consensus gives not only a greener choice but also high scalability, fast transactions, and low transaction fees, which enables large scale real life usage.

Centaurify tokenize tickets with NFT & Smart contract technology using the Cardano network, Centaurify will prevent scalping, fraud, and give the control of the secondary market back to the organizers & artists. Centaurify team consists of individuals with years of experience from the Music Industry combined with one of the most experienced tech teams in the industry. CENT brings a needed solution to one of the worlds most popular and constantly growing industries on the planet. $CENT tokens are used to purchase concert and event tickets from organizers and artists, directly supporting and funding the artists in the process.

Users will be able to resell and trade their tickets but will be limited by the ticket creators in such a way that the minimum and maximum prices will be preset by the ticket creators. Users can stake $CENT tokens on the Centaurify Platform. Staking provides rebates on purchases, platform rewards like early access to tickets & NFT launches, and artists’ rewards.

Users will be able to purchase special edition artist NFT collectibles & music albums. Artists and organizers will be able to personally customize their tickets with smart contracts and have complete creative control of the process. $CENT will serve as fuel to the entire Centaurify ecosystem, enabling a number of unique mechanics for monetization & opportunities for both holders, artists & organizers.

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