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NFT project with roadmap leading into 2022 for breeding and a video game.



Meet CryptoDino – a collection of 10 thousand unique CryptoDinos. Some of them are carnivorous, some herbivorous. They can be cute or they can be very evil. Some are very rare, some rather common… You never know what CryptoDino you will get. One is certain, though. You will absolutely love each and every single one of them! If you or your child is a fan of dinosaurs, you’re at the right address.

Around 65 million years ago, fascinating creatures called dinosaurs went extinct. We are happy to announce that for Cardano Blockchain we are bringing them back! Are you ready for some fossil excavation?!

Collect your CryptoDinos into your Cardano Blockchain museum (wallet) now. T-Rex or Argentinosaurus? Maybe a Spinosaurus? Which one will you get? To collect it you will need to have a Shelley era Cardano Wallet - Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite or Nami Wallet.

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