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Flickto is a media project launchpad that provides fundraising for Film, TV and Streaming content creators.



Flickto is a Cardano powered community media launchpad.

There are millions of artistic creators around the globe just waiting to produce the next streaming success, box office hit or Emmy Award winning TV show. Content has never been more producible, yet creators often hit a stumbling block: financing.

Flickto aims to change that.
Using a unique combination of tokenisation with the FLICK token and Cardano staking, Flickto will empower creators globally by financing projects that the Flickto community themselves has chosen and voted for.

For the first time in media history, every day individuals will not only be able to choose which media projects get funded, but also financially benefit from the projects success via earning distribution royalties from successfully funded projects. Rather than distributed content helping media conglomerates get richer, the users that supported a project will be directly rewarded.

The FLICK token will also be tradable on CEX/DEX's, ensuring that token distribution is spread far and wide to enable anyone to participate. The community will also be able to stake their FLICK tokens for additional rewards.

Flickto will also bring content creators closer to the users supporting them, enabling the sharing of ideas to help shape the content produced, as well as enable content producers to promote their projects via limited edition NFTs and trailers, which will be distributed fairly across platform users.
Flickto can also act as a trusted distributor of content for media projects that wish to protect the rights of the content they've produced via securing rights management on the Cardano distributed ledger.

Flickto’s plans are ambitious, but its vision is simple:
Flickto wants to empower content creators by providing project funding. We will be releasing the next generation of content to the world, while revolutionising who benefits from the profits of content distribution.

The public has a right to choose what content ends up on their screens and be rewarded for doing so, and Flickto will empower them to do that.

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