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Gaming Cardano

The first "stake-to-play" pool with Cardano. We host tournaments for gamers to compete for ADA+CNFTs.


Gaming Cardano

Gaming Cardano is a stake pool that is trying a new approach. We are the first "stake-to-play" pool with Cardano. As you probably know, most pools are charity or mission driven, and we love that. However we believe its getting a bit saturated. So we wanted to create a community for the Gamers who love Cardano. We host tournaments for Gamers to compete for $ADA + CNFTs.

We believe the next big wave of mainstream adoption will come from the Gaming communities, and people under 30 years old. We think using Cardano as to bridge the gap between the two is critical, and that is our main mission! Onboarding is very important, and this community continuously grows bigger and bigger everyday. We want to offer people who are new cash if they aren't comfortable with crypto aswell, so we can do payouts via Paypal. Now most tournaments will be free to join for the public, or free to join for our delegators. Other tournaments will be pay to enter, or you'll need a NFT to join. We are creating a redeemable cnft ticket that will be used as registration.

Currently we are trying to source a dev to help us with the smart contract aspect of this ticket. We want a burn mechanism built into it so that the ticket cannot be re used or tampered with after being used. On top of that, it will have no expiry. So you can wait until the next tournament if you aren't into the current game being hosted. The redeemable CNFT ticket will be issued to those who stake 1000 ADA or more, and available to purchase at a discount for those who are staked with us.

For those who are not staked, it will be a bit more to buy, but nothing outrageous. We want to still offer people a fair entry point, and most importantly we want a fair playing field for all of that participants.

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