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Genesis Auction House

The ADA NFT marketplace that backs creators.


Genesis Auction House

NFTs have enabled a completely new ecosystem for digital artists. We certainly believe this. Art is a reflection of the technology at a point in time and just as technology pushes art, art pushes technology.

We're in a historically significant period where technology is enabling completely new approaches to art. We're hoping Genesis House can build and continue to enable these new approaches and accelerate the rate at which art and technology improve each other through a vibrant auction house.

We've found that the current ADA NFT marketplaces do not meet the expectations that the passionate Cardano community deserves. We're striving to come in as a more robust alternative that pleases our users through a more diligent focus on the users' experience.

While art is only the first frontier for NFTs and we want to be there for the next frontiers, we're committed to supporting our creators as long as we can.

As a team, we're in this for the long haul. From day one, we've decided to drive a viable business model and push for early profitability so we don't have to raise absurd amounts of venture capital and implode like an "explosive-growth startup" or divert our attention to getting our next "fix" of funding in hopes of an acquisition that will ultimately leave our artists in the dust. This is a core tenet of our thinking.

Rather, we're pushing for business sustainability and measured growth in order to continue to support creators over a long period of time and in return. We believe that our community will support us throughout our growth.

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