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Indigo Protocol

Indigo is an algorithmic, autonomous synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets, built on Cardano.


Indigo Protocol

We are in the midst of a global switch of the fundamental financial train tracks that we use as a global society to trade and transact at the retail and wholesale level, aided by blockchain technology evolution. In this paper, we showcase Indigo Protocol to assist in that transition for the people. For a majority of the world’s billions of people, in fact, fair access to the financial tools of this world is all but inaccessible. Accessible for the accredited and wealthy, but not the person in a developing country or without certain credit.

With Indigo Protocol, our mission is to bring the world's financial and equitable assets to the blockchain allowing everyone access to them, in a synthetic form, to control their own financial destiny. As great wealth distribution takes place with money flowing out of the western and developed world and into other countries, Indigo Protocol will be just one tool in decentralized blockchain that will help this long overdue, more free, and fair distribution to happen seamlessly.

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