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Revolutionary DEX created by experienced people from Quantitative Finance & Programming field.



We are a group of researchers, quantitative financial devs and Haskell natives who are on a mission to create the future of financial markets. Providing an efficient market place for liquidity and capital to be put to work. We are firmly research based and believe our depth of experience will allow us to create an optimised platform which outperforms other DEXes.

To learn more about our project and how we aim to achieve this read our whitepaper on our site. To distribute our platform tokens in most fair way in our community we have chosen Initial Stake Pool Offering method until our platform launch. We are running our Maladex stake pool with ticker [MAL], where you can stake and receive both ADA rewards along with our platform tokens. Currently our pool has 0% fee and over 14 million in delegation.

Why our project is different? We believe that all other DEX offerings are inherently inefficient. That is that they consume far more resources than is necessary. We believe we have the experience in quantitative mathematics and financial haskell development to deliver a DEX that is far more efficient than others. A more efficient use of capital will result in better returns, better user experience, and better reflects the actual state of the market. The DEX of tomorrow.

We frown upon price predictions and speculative discussions, we believe spirit of Cardano is about bringing real change and that's why we are here indulged in opportunities and tech. Unlike more popular projects we like to engage with our community by answering technical questions to raise awareness. With our experience we plan to deliver:

  • Crypto Indexes
  • Yield Farming
  • Swaps
  • Crypto Derivatives
  • Synthetic Instruments
  • Platform Governance
  • Blockchain Bridges
  • And more ...
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