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P2P Finance

Maximize Your Passive Income With Cardano's First DeFi Ecosystem.


P2P Finance

P2P Finance is the first DeFi Ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain that introduces affiliate incentives and brings transparency by utilizing decentralized price feeds to execute liquidations for margin traders on P2Pswap. Every action on P2P Finance is performed on the Cardano blockchain, which are audited by our partners.

Our goal is to introduce new passive earning opportunities to the DeFi industry for the community to benefit from, on top of the already existing ones. The P2P Token brings 5 utilities that boosts the P2P Finance ecosystem. Our mission is to fight manipulated liquidations of centralized entities by offering derivatives in a decentralized way on P2Pswap, overlooked P2P Finance Oracle. P2PFinance believes in trust and transparency in the crypto industry!

P2P Finance contributes to the DeFi evolution by connecting peer-to-peer lenders to margin requests on P2Pswap.
  • IDO Launchpad: Cardanow IDO Launchpad incubates projects that build on Cardano.
  • P2P Finance Oracle: Decentralized price feed aggregator that provides transparency.
  • P2Pswap: Swap protocol built on Cardano for user friendly high frequency usage.
  • Derivatives: Margin Trading on P2Pswap.
  • Social Trading: Automatically copy the trades of a trade leader.
P2P Finance offers multiple opportunities for users to earn a passive income by combining the most rewarding DeFi features.
  • Staking: Up to 30% APR.
  • Farming: Stake your Liquidity Points to earn a share of the reward pool.
  • DAO: Take the required amount and claim your DAO title to boost your passive earnings.
  • Lending: Feed margin requests on P2Pswap and earn up to 2% daily.
  • Affiliate Program: Affiliate network and address milestones to incentivize growth and activity.
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