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The PaperBag Project

NFT Project focused on giving back and creating long term value.


The PaperBag Project

The PaperBag Project (PBP) is the flagship project for a new direction of NFTs for me, centered around helping others. The inspiration comes from looking in on the NFT space, from the outside. “What’s the point of paying so much for a JPEG?”, “It’s a way to make easy money fast”, “Where does the value come from?”. So I started thinking about how we as artists can help ensure collectors get a good investment. As well as how to help others and bring new people into the crypto space. 

The PaperBag Project will be the first of many projects that will be focused on public good. PBP will be donating  50% of sales to charities. The idea is not only to help others but to try and create a new community standard, and make enough noise from giving back that people from outside the crypto world take notice of the good that's being done. PBP is not only a fun AF profile picture (pfp) project that will be dope to show off your random roll of traits, collect and trade, but it’s a symbol that you’re giving back. 

Part of making sure owners get continued value on their NFTs, is to create an amazing diverse community that's engaged and wants more. We really stress that we want to create a community, that’s something beyond a typical fan base. (There will be further details on building the community in our roadmap, check that S out!) For the PBP it was decided to do a 10k mint. The idea behind this is to help build a larger community and spread the AdRinsu name.  Additionally the more we make and sell the more money we raise for charity. 


From the beginning the purpose was helping others, this was the easiest part. I thought next would be the design, but I kept hitting a wall. I wanted a profile picture project but wanted it a little different, and could create lots of unique traits. Again not as easy as I originally thought it would be. So I flipped my table and moved on to the next item on my list, Who to donate to. I wanted it to be something that would reach a lot of people, something people could relate to, and also help/raise awareness. And everything kinda clicked at that moment... I wanted to make something centered around mental health.

I’m sure everyone reading this knows someone who has battled with mental health, even if you don’t actually know that person is battling with mental health. Covid has made this even more difficult for people who have struggled or people who this is a new terrible experience to them. The paper bag symbolizes not only the paper mask we’ve all had to wear, but the mask people put on everyday and go on with their lives as if everything is perfect. The PBP needed to symbolize this serious, heavy subject matter, but be uplifting and fun. At the end of the day that’s all we really need, a little understanding, and something fun and uplifting. 

Welcome to The PaperBag Project! Thank you, for being a part of it.

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