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Token Allies

We will provide business and start ups the opportunity to get tokenized. On our business investors will be able to manage, create and sell their tokens.


Token Allies

Once businesses join our platform, we will tokenize their business and provide them an easy to use interface where they will be able to manage their business tokens. On our site they will be able to sell their tokens to investors, allowing them to get easy access to funding Users will be able to deposit into our platform through different cryptocurrencies, but all tokens will be bought in a stable coin.

Why are we doing this?

In order to prevent wallet variations on investors and business fundings all orders will be on stable coins. Allie Coin (ALLI) is our native cryptocurrency, the coin was created in 2021 on the binance smart chain. Once smart contracts are working, we are migrating to Cardano, where all business tokens will be minted. We expect the migration of ALLI to take place near the end of 2021, before our platform is released. And where does ALLI come in? Users who hold ALLI will have several benefits on our platform, which include lower deposit and withdrawal fees, voting rights, staking and many features we will reveal soon.

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