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Atala PRISM is a decentralized identity solution that enables people to own their personal data.



Atala PRISM is a decentralized identity solution built on the Cardano blockchain. It creates a new approach to identity management, where users own their identity and have complete control over how their personal data is used and accessed. Data is shared with other individuals or organizations over secure, private peer-to-peer communication channels. Atala PRISM is designed for businesses, governments, and individuals.

Current identity management mechanisms create significant risks and costs for businesses, as these platforms store and secure sensitive information. Governments face inefficiencies in their paper-based, bureaucratic processes, as well as personal data frauds. Individuals lack trust about how their information might be misused or sold to third parties without their consent. Atala PRISM solves these problems by enabling a new approach for digital identity where people have ownership of their personal information, and only share what is required with businesses or institutions in an easy, secure, and private way.

Atala PRISM is for businesses, governments and individuals. Businesses can quickly onboard new customers, reduce compliance risks and costs, and deliver seamless user experiences. Governments can issue digital identities and enable instant access to public and private services. Individuals have ownership of their identity and data, and can control how their personal information is used and accessed.

Key components

Below an overview of different features Atala PRISM provides.

Mobile App

Offer end users a customizable app for receiving, storing, and sharing digital credentials.

Management Console

Easily issue or verify digital credentials with the user-friendly, decentralized management platform.

Browser Wallet

Use a web-based browser extension for managing DIDs, accessing the Management Console and authorizing credential issuance.

SDKs and APIs

Streamline your processes by integrating a digital identity and credential issuance and verification functionality into your applications and workflow.

Enrollment Tool

Capture biometric data as part of the onboarding process using a lightweight mobile app.


Expand your ecosystem using a low-cost smart card for storing and sharing digital credentials.

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