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The first interactive NFT collectibles on the Cardano blockchain.



DEADPXLZ is a collection of 10,000 code-generated, unique & interactable NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain.

What makes DEADPXLZ special among the other NFT collectibles out there is that they're the first interactable tokens that have ever been minted on Cardano! You can change your PXL's mood & background animation with a simple tap or click. Each DEADPXLZ NFT comes packed with 3 moods - happy, neutral & sad. Tap it a few times (and YES, this is an actual PXL NFT!)


I was instantly sold on Cardano's promise. I immediately started working on what would become the 10.000 PXLZ NFT collection. I wanted to create something truly unique so I gave up on the idea of just making another digital art NFT and started looking towards more interactive options. So I decided to flex the old developer muscle and came up with the concept for web-based NFTs. I gave a lot of thought to what holding a PXL NFT would mean by not only focusing on the cool visuals, but also looking at the end-user experience.A few things bothered me. Why on earth would you need to visit a 3rd party marketplace or blockchain explorer in order to check your token's stats? Isn't that the opposite of decentralization? I discovered that by taking full advantage of what web pages have to offer, I could embed each PXL's stats into itself indefinitely. PXL holders could then show off their cool rare stats faster and in a less awkward way. Okay - problem solved!

But then I stumbled upon another awkward UX issue. A Cardano NFT is essentially a native token (point A) that you hold in your crypto wallet which is inextricably bound to an underlying asset (point B). But then what value does this bring to me as a user if I can't easily get from A to B!?

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