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Hard Blue

Hard Blue is non-inflationary hard money that runs on the Cardano blockchain, decentralized, and with low fees.


Hard Blue

Hard Blue is a non-inflationary token supported by the Cardano network, intended to be Hardmoney and a store of value on a planetary level. Bitcoin codes have not been updated for years. Therefore, it is a slower and less scalable solution. It makes Bitcoin not effective as compared to other blockchain technologies. However, a few crypto experts claim that if Bitcoin is not updated or maintained, it is most probable the Bitcoin technology will obsolete in the upcoming years.

Moreover, with a limit of 7 transactions per second only, Bitcoin cannot compete with the Cardano network where Hard Blue runs, which currently has 1,000 transactions per second. Similarly, due to its complex protocol, Bitcoin has an extreme energy consumption that is another critical concern for crypto experts/owners. Meanwhile, many crypto experts justify that its consumption is equivalent to that of the current banking system; however, it is not sensible since we have much more efficient and respectful blockchain technologies with the environment.

For these reasons, it has been decided to create Hard Blue, a token that runs on the Cardano network with a total supply of 2,100,000,000 units. However, unlike Bitcoin, Hard Blue already has all the tokens minted from the beginning. These tokens will be awarded when issued or offered for sale without the possibility of mine them in the future, thus increasing its value more rapidly in a few years but stabilizing its worth for the long term. However, we will not see the value of Bitcoin stabilize until at least 140 years have passed when the last Bitcoin will be created.

With a capacity of 1,000 TPS (transactions per second), Hard Blue far exceeds 7 TPS of Bitcoin. The Cardano network where Hard Blue runs consumes only 0.006 TWh (terawatt-hours) annually while Bitcoin consumes 121.36 TWh.

Bitcoin has not had any relevant improvements for years, which makes Bitcoin an outdated solution compared to Hard Blue.

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