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Infinity Visualized

An infinite pattern that never repeats - Infinite fractals that never end - An NFT collection that allows you to really VISUALIZE INFINITY.


Infinity Visualized

Infinity is the theme of this project and is reflected in some way in all three Series.

Series 1 consists of 1000 unique NFT's that are each part of a single pattern, made from just two different shapes that never repeats itself exactly, all the way out to infinity.

Series 2 is an evolution of Series 1, in that each NFT image in Series 2 started its life as a Series 1 image. This pattern was then "fractalized" into a new shape that not only contained the remnants of the original infinitely changing pattern, but that also added a new layer of infinity, as it had now become a fractal, which theoretically can also go on forever (if you could zoom in indefinitely).

Series 3 continued the evolution theme as it began with images from Series 2 NFT's, but this time they were "exploded" and turned into 100 unique 3D animations, allowing the viewer to explore the inside of the infinite patterns.

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