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Valhalla is more than just NFTs, we are a Web3 brand based on fair principles and we do things a bit differently as far as community growth initiatives



The Valhalla Project is a premium brand launching it's first NFT project that is fair launched and on the Cardano blockchain. It is a collection of 888 unique 1 of 1 NFTs that are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and valuable assets. The NFTs will be used to access a variety of benefits, including exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and more in the future.

The Valhalla Project is committed to being a fair launch ecosystem. This means that there will be no pre-sale or minting privileges for early investors. All NFTs will be available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.Our first couple of initiatives for community growth include Valhalla gives (a charitable donation to help fight human trafficking) as well as our VIP Club cards.

Valhalla gives will be valued at 10% of each mint proceed and given to a charity based on a vote by the community. We will have many projects launching, so this is a huge portion of our value proposition.Our VIP club cards is our way of driving organic community growth utilizing natural incentive of sharing the mint proceeds with our community.

There are currently 5 levels of Valhallan VIP club cards that can be obtained by the community.

How do you get a card?

Club cards will be created with every single project that Valhalla drops and given to community members through regular giveaways. (This is where fair principles steps in... Instead of founder pre-allocation, WL, etc. we are choosing to incentives community growth through profit split).

What does the club card do?

Valhallan VIP club cards entitles the holder of the card to a percentage of mint proceeds for any project that is launched by the Valhalla brand (ie. this round of cards will be eligible for redemption on our original 888 Valhallans) Once the card is redeemed it can only be redeemed once, so these cards are of the upmost rarity in the Valhalla community besides the NFTs themselves. If you receive a club card you will have the option to sell your card on the open market if you think you can get more value for it as opposed to redeeming it for for cash value. The choice is yours.

What makes the club cards special?

Club cards set Valhalla apart from what you're typically used to with an NFT collection launch. One of our main values is making sure we keep the community involved and motivated to grow as a collective. Club cards even the playing field by giving back to the community regularly; instead of stashing mint proceeds to the team, we are giving percentages of our growth back to the individuals who helped make Valhalla the brand that it is. By holding a VIP Card you will be eligible to participate in regular giveaways for even more exclusive prizes.

How does it work?

A separate collection of club cards will be regularly minted with each project that Valhalla launches (we have 10 separate art collections in progress) In order to gain one of these cards in your possession, you will be required to participate in our community competitions that we will be running to further grow Valhalla. It's a win-win, if Valhalla grows and you hold a card, you get paid.

Myself as the founder of Valhalla have been in crypto for the last 5 years now and Cardano was one of the first projects I stumbled upon, so this is the reason we are choosing to launch on the blockchain. Although, I plan to take over as many blockchains as possible we our next endeavors possibly hitting the ordinal space. My motto is innovation first, so what better place to start than Cardano.  

This is a unique and exciting project that has the potential to be a major player in the Web3 space. The team is passionate about the project and is committed to building a successful community.

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