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Cardano City

CardanoCity is an evolving NFT project based on the Cardano blockchain.


Cardano City

CardanoCity is a evolving NFT project based on the Cardano blockchain. This story begins with Mikka, a girl that lives in Cardano City. Her journey began in our imagination, we introduce her to you via art, now let’s make that art evolve.


Immersive virtual experience where users can build, customize, trade and explore their houses, the city and dive into various virtual activities.


50,000 unique, one-of-a-kind, NFTs with corresponding rarity data. There are also 250 premium digital paintings. The NFT's are algorithmically randomized images using 105 variables of different rarities, generated in respect to our strict set of rarity rules. Each unit contains up to 49 mainly Cardano related items

Digital painting

5 unique posters representing scenes imagined from the CardanoCity. Each of the 5 posters has 50 copies assigned with its unique number. There is a total of 250 posters to be acquired within the drop. One unique additional 6th poster in 5 copies, to be earned only by completing the challenge.


The rarity system is based on the assumption of a linear increase in rarity with respect to the increase in the quantity of variables and their individual values. The variables in the collection have been sorted into 5 rarity groups: neutral, super-common, common, rare and legendary. The number of the NFT/UNIT is correlated to the sum value of the variables within it.

About us

We are a team of Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Social Media Manager, Digital Artist, Graphic Designer and 3D Artist, we also plan to expand the team in the future of CardanoCity evolution. Most importantly we are members of the Cardano Community. Who knows, maybe Cardano blockchain is the first step towards creation of the ultimate simulation.

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