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The first algorithmically generated art living on Cardano.



Up until now, all the NFTs on Cardano have been a bit of metadata that points to an IPFS image. What unsigned_algorithms is doing is actually minting code which generates art onto the blockchain. Art should have some tension with its medium/format - for blockchain art to be taken seriously it needs to interrogate its host, I hope this collection contributes to that conversation.

We will be minting a function to generate each unsig into a parent NFT. Every unsig will have a set of arguments (conditions/properties) unique to it, minted into it, and a reference to the parent. Thus, as long as Cardano is running, you will always be able to generate your NFT.

Every NFT in the collection was generated using advanced programming algorithms in Python. Each NFT holds the code that is used to produce the associated art piece. Execute the code locally or in an online IDE, never worry about external storage solutions going offline. The whole collection includes 31,119 pieces. Each piece is unique in its visual appearance.

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